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A old pog as a bottle cap.







Pog is a fad game that is coming back. It was first ever played in 1940.


Each player has to put in the same amount of POG.

Use the slammer to slam the POGs.

Keep the POGs that flip over.

The player who ends up with the most Pogs wins!

(You can also play POG and give back the POGs).

School Banning[]

When kids would keep the POGs they gambeled, kids would get into fights over who's Pogs were who's. Teachers would take away there Pogs until class was over.


Pogs became so popular during the 1990s that thousands of types of pogs were manufactured, covering a wide array of toys; cartoons; movies; games; sports; images of famous people on the front of the pogs; images of famous world leaders such as Former U.K Prime Minister Tony Blair & Former U.S President William Jefferson Clinton; PA messages such as First Aid safety, Wild life Prevention, and anti-drugs; and Fund raising for various charities & organizations such as The Red Cross & Cancer research. The popularity of the game spawned POG prizes at major fast-food chains (see below), as well as knockoffs, such as "Slammer Whammers," a similar game released under a different brand name. Pogs can sometimes still be found on eBay and other online auction sites, as well in game and card stores. During the early 1990s a US national pog tournament was held every February 7 in honor of the game's inventor's birthday.